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ChangeXperience - Erika Bezzo - My story as an expat

Erika Bezzo

Erika Bezzo, my story as an expat

Since I think it's important to know not only the professional career but also the life experiences of a coach, I will try to briefly sum up who I am.
For my professional details, you can see my curriculum vitae.

  • I am Italian by birth and French by marriage, but above all, I feel European.
  • I left Italy in 2001 and, since then, I have moved several times between Germany, France and Spain.
  • When I am asked as to which country I prefer to live in, I never know how to answer because I feel at home in each of these countries.
  • I have 8 moves in 16 years behind me; I have lived each move seeking to harmonize the pain caused by leaving with the enthusiasm for a new adventure.
  • Driven by eagerness and the need to preserve a link with the cultural development of my country, along with a group of friends, I have created the Italian cultural association, Italia Altrove , now present in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Madrid.
  • I have two “third culture daughters, born abroad and who have never lived in Italy, but I feel proud of their Italian.
  • Despite expat life, I have never stopped working: after 12 years of management in marketing and communication, I have devoted myself to coaching and to training.
  • I am an executive coach, strategic coach and cross-cultural coach.
  • I speak Italian, French, German, Spanish and English, and am able to work with each of these languages.
  • I love reading, diversity, people, cultures and social relations.

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Coaching sessions can be held in Italian, French, Spanish, German and English.
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