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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching as a process of discovery and change

Coaching is the art of asking questions designed to help the individual using professional instruments, developing skills and resources aimed at reaching her objectives.

Executive coaching, above all, is a process of discovery and change that allows the person to:

  • Recognize and value her personal resources
  • Note her limits which, at times, may be a hindrance to reaching her own objectives
  • Construct a personalized plan of action aimed at overcoming her limits
  • Make her objectives clear in the short term, as well as in the medium and long term
  • Increase her capacity to create strong relationships with different types of people
  • Broaden her range of behaviour patterns and reactions in order to deal with the highest possible number of situations, as well as critical ones
  • Reach challenging objectives
  • Solve problems of organization, of communication and of relationships

In the course of the coaching process, the coach does not take on the role of expert giving advice. Rather, she/he supports the client in the construction of a way ahead that encourages change so that client is able to reach objectives or find solutions thanks to the development of her own capacities and skills.

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