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Month: September 2018

ChangeXperience - Erika Bezzo - What is cultural intelligence?

What is cultural intelligence?

There is no single definition of cultural intelligence but, to begin, I suggest one that may be useful when it comes to introducing the concept: "Cultural intelligence is the ability to adopt a series of behaviour patterns that use capacities (e.g., linguistic or interpersonal) and qualities (e.g., tolerance or flexibility) given out in the right doses, with regard to the cultural values and values of the people with whom we interact".

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ChangeXperience - Erika Bezzo - The expat’s feeling of guilt

The expat’s feeling of guilt

When you decide to move, to leave your country, your most beloved family and your friends, one of the first things that you keep in your suitcase is a feeling of guilt. Although you are sure of the affection that you feel for the people you are leaving behind in your home country, you inevitably ask yourself if leaving your country is a sign of carelessness or indifference towards those who matter to you, if what it really means is that you have chosen for your own good, without thinking of others. Because feelings of guilt seep in, prospering in insecurity and in doubt.

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