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Intercultural Coaching

The advantages of Intercultural Coaching

Coaching provides valuable tools for those seeking to find creative solutions, develop their potential, encourage personal growth and reach high degrees of performance.

Sadly, only seldom does coaching consider the cultures and differences originated by the same.

Intercultural coaching, apart from the classic tools, covers the process of coaching the dimensions of interculturality in order to help those who, living abroad in a multicultural context, seek to understand, improve, cultivate and successfully manage personal or professional relations.

More specifically, this involves better understanding their own way of relating to power and responsibility, time, hierarchy, community, change, competition, space and territory, the different ways of thinking and of communicating. Evident differences between people belonging to the same culture which, with all the more reason, become evident even when we talk about different languages, race, countries or continents.

By means of intercultural coaching, these cultural differences can be used as strategic lever for developing people, teams and organizations.

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Coaching sessions can be held in Italian, French, Spanish, German and English.
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