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Strategic Problem Solving

A coach for Strategic Problem Solving

Why have the support of a strategic coach?

There are times when solutions are easy and within reach, although invisible from the viewpoint of the situation in hand. With the support of a coach, the person succeeds in broadening her outlook: by analysing the same situation from different points of view, she discovers possible roads ahead and unexpected solutions.

The strategic model does not, in fact, offer predetermined solutions and does not ask why a given problem exists. It does rather delve into its workings, its internal dynamics, in order to find tailor-made solutions. The intervention methodology, which draws together logic and creativity, applies the stages of strategic problem solving developed by Professor Giorgio Nardone.

Individual assessment

Individual strategic assessment helps people to reach their own objectives, overcoming specific problems that hinder or slow down them being realized.
This intervention typology is indicated for:

  • Difficulties in the relationship with work companions
  • Blocked performance
  • Difficulties in communication in the partner relationship
  • Problems in the parent-child relationship

Assessment for organizations

In the company, in the internal dynamics of a team, in relationships, it often happens that there is a need to deal with a critical situation face to face as it can hinder or limit the development of the team or of the organization. The strategic advisor is no expert in specific contents, but is the person to encourage processes of change to which organizations are subjected where new objectives are put forward and, in order to achieve them, they set out to get rid of problematic knots by designing effective plans of action.
This intervention typology is indicated for:

  • Administering change
  • Defining effective strategies for personal or entrepreneurial development
  • Acknowledging and modifying dysfunctional behaviour patterns
  • Improving the effectiveness of communication
  • Strengthening the leaderships
  • Solving problems in relationships
  • Strengthening the efficacy and efficiency of teams
  • Selecting collaborators and making their talents grow
  • Encouraging a positive entrepreneurial climate

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