Cross Cultural Coaching as a strategic value for companies

Cross Cultural Coaching

This article has been written by Erika Bezzo for Sinergias

Cross Cultural Coaching helps companies and their directors when it comes to dealing with complicated challenges, in areas that are changing and increasingly developing.

This can be due to market developments, the internationalization processes in companies, but also to merger and acquisition processes where cultural, national or entrepreneurial and different elements are compared.

In fact, cultural orientations and the resulting behaviours tend to be different in each culture, be they or an organizational, professional, family-orientated or national nature.

How does a human being react to diversity, to change, to the unknown?

The trend is often one of rejecting what is different, of building up resistance to change, of being afraid of the unknown.

By means of Intercultural Coaching or Cross Cultural Coaching, which share the same grounding as for Executive Coaching, the client has the opportunity to get the best out of each culture, be it national, entrepreneurial or professional (a computer engineer, a sales representative and a clerk have different cultures), broadening her own outlook while creating an intrinsic value based on the differences.

The role of the Cross Cultural Coach

The role of the Cross Cultural Coach is, first and foremost, to help the client to become acquainted with her own culture, its fundamental and invisible values of which, as a general rule, she is unaware, paying attention to their own behavioural preferences.

From there on, after building up awareness, the client is given help to discover the cultural orientations that are complementary to her own and that will allow her to enrich her own range of reactions when faced with difficult situations.

In this way, Cross Cultural Coaching helps companies to create value based on diversity, putting to good use one of the best opportunities offered by today's world.

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